ElectricalFire Released

Saturday January 23rd, 1999

The lastest project at has been released. ElectricalFire is a JIT (Just In Time) - Java Virtual Machine, which is not yet complete. All the details on it are available, including its previous history and other tidbits, on the ElectricalFire Project page.

#1 Re:ElectricalFire Released

by henrik

Sunday January 24th, 1999 4:55 AM

Your own java compiler :-))) this is great news

now all we need is an IDE; perhaps someone shpuld take a look at Freebuilder.

great work guys, keep it up

#2 Re:ElectricalFire Released

by Michael Hanni

Sunday January 24th, 1999 7:21 PM

Now, how does this fit with the current OpenSource JVM scene? I mean we have Kaffe, Japhar, and now ElectricFire?

Don't get me wrong, I love lots of variety, but could we please get atleast one complete OpenSource JVM? ;-)

#3 freebuilder kicks

by incubus

Sunday January 24th, 1999 7:21 PM

but the only jvm that matters is Japhar

#4 Re:ElectricalFire Released

by FrodoB

Sunday January 24th, 1999 8:42 PM

Uh, from what I gathered, ElectricalFire is JUST a just-in-time compiler. It's not a full JVM. It's just something to go on top of a JVM (like Symantec's JITs).

#5 Re:ElectricalFire Released

by Mark Wilkinson

Monday January 25th, 1999 4:29 AM

Umm; I don't think it actually *needs* a JVM. From the outline of the work that needs doing it looks as though the intention is for EF to become a JVM in its own right. The main difference betweek EF and the Sun VM with Symantec's JIT is that the Sun VM can choose which methods to compile and which to leave alone. EF must compile everything because it doesn't have a byte-code interpreter.

#6 Re:ElectricalFire Released

by mdbarnes

Tuesday January 26th, 1999 5:06 AM

With all the JVM to choose from would it not make more sense to through development efforts into one of those instead of coming up with one "Just because we can"?