Some Talkback Changes and Fixes

Saturday December 4th, 1999

We've implemented some changes to our talkback forums that you may have noticed. First, you can now reply to specific messages from "flat mode". Before, you could only reply to the forum itself. Now, the messages will still appear in the same order in flat mode, but they'll be threaded properly in threaded mode if you reply to a specific message.

Next, we've fixed the titles of replies, adding a "Re:" in front of the default reply title.

Finally, we no longer allow anonymous posting. This change has been coming for a while, but we finally got around to implementing it. Old anonymous posts will show up, but no new ones will be allowed.

We've added one more change. Now, if you view in threaded mode, you have the option of showing which posts are new since your last visit. How does it work? Well, visit any forum, and click the "flag new posts" checkbox and click the "Change forum display" button. This change will affect all forums. After that, each time you visit a forum, we will store a cookie on your browser which will contain the current time and date of your visit to that particular forum, and use it to flag new posts. The cookie will expire a week after your last visit. If you don't like cookies, you can simply leave this feature off.

UPDATE: We added a small fix so that the "new" flags persist as you view posts in the forum.

These changes only apply to the talkback forums for articles. I will be propagating the changes to the poll and reader review forums when I have the time.

#36 Anon was nice esp since there so many CLOSED Minds

by DTHML_Fiend

Monday December 6th, 1999 9:24 AM

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What is bad now is that lots of people here (maybe its just a certain few) but ... It seems that if a person doesnt agree to the following you are a troll.

MS = Satan's Army Bill Gates = Satan Himself AOL = Great(Supports Mozilla) / AOL = Crap (bad service your stupid if you use AOL) IE4 = SHIT IE5 = SHIT but 1 level better Nav4 = Good

Mozilla = Great, God's second coming, knight in white armor, Satan Killer, etc...

And I really hate these BS standards that so many of the "veterans" want you to uphold to. And if I might say IE5 = good and Mozilla = work in progress I get stamped as a troll. And it my view that anyone here that DOESNT HAVE AN OPEN MIND is a TROLL. If you cannot stand up and have an open mind and debate (not slander and say that Im a troll bastard), then YOU are the troll.

Since everyone here keeps touting OPEN source (Im not bashing it, I think its rather good), why not have an OPEN mind to go with it.

All comments and responses are good its just Troll minded people that shut themselves off to other thoughts thats the real baine(sp) of this community.