Some Talkback Changes and Fixes

Saturday December 4th, 1999

We've implemented some changes to our talkback forums that you may have noticed. First, you can now reply to specific messages from "flat mode". Before, you could only reply to the forum itself. Now, the messages will still appear in the same order in flat mode, but they'll be threaded properly in threaded mode if you reply to a specific message.

Next, we've fixed the titles of replies, adding a "Re:" in front of the default reply title.

Finally, we no longer allow anonymous posting. This change has been coming for a while, but we finally got around to implementing it. Old anonymous posts will show up, but no new ones will be allowed.

We've added one more change. Now, if you view in threaded mode, you have the option of showing which posts are new since your last visit. How does it work? Well, visit any forum, and click the "flag new posts" checkbox and click the "Change forum display" button. This change will affect all forums. After that, each time you visit a forum, we will store a cookie on your browser which will contain the current time and date of your visit to that particular forum, and use it to flag new posts. The cookie will expire a week after your last visit. If you don't like cookies, you can simply leave this feature off.

UPDATE: We added a small fix so that the "new" flags persist as you view posts in the forum.

These changes only apply to the talkback forums for articles. I will be propagating the changes to the poll and reader review forums when I have the time.

#33 Registration is not the important issue

by gerbilpower <>

Sunday December 5th, 1999 1:25 PM

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But knowing who is who is. I've been confused a hell of times with zillions of anons posting different opinions. Over the long run this will eliminate some confusion and prevent any increase in trolls. I think trolling could be an increasing problem as Mozila is starting to get more attention now in the press.

It seems that the most commited are most likely to register. Although requiring registration could scare away a few not-as-commited but insightful individuals, I think we are more concern with the people who are more commited in voicing themselves than those who do not want to be identified.

Also reconsidering the point that so many forums and discussions require registration, and many of those are successful, prohibiting anonymouse posters should not hinder MZ.

If you got an opinion, speak up, be heard, and let us know who you are so we know that you really believe in what you say.