IE5.5: First Look

Friday December 3rd, 1999

I've done some preliminary CSS testing of IE5.5 (available through Specifically I ran IE 5.5 through the battery of David Baron's CSS tests, and found some interesting results. IE 5.5's CSS support has undergone very little change from 5.0, and some regressions were noticable. IE 5.5 seems to pass test 5.3 (CSS2 Universal Selector) that IE 5.0 did not, but it fails two tests in section 6.4.4 (Parsing Test 4 and Test 5) that IE 5.0 apparently passed. There was one other that *may* have passed (9.1.2) where 5.0 failed, and one test in 10.7 *may* have failed where 5.0 passed, but I can't determine these for a certainty. Finally, IE 5.5 still does not pass the Box Acid Test.

According to MS's "What's New in Internet Explorer 5.5" page, IE 5.5 handles more "CSS styles" such as first-letter and first-line, but they don't go into any more detail.

From these results, I'm wondering if MS is giving up completely on significant advances in the CSS support in their current rendering engine. IE on the Mac is supposedly being developed to utilize a new rendering engine, codename "Tasman". Maybe Microsoft is planning something similar for their 6.0 Windows version.

In any event it does not look like the next version of IE will have significant CSS improvements as many hoped and expected.

#30 MS Bashing is such a waste.....

by Anon

Friday December 3rd, 1999 9:10 PM

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As another poster said all we see now is constant MS bashing and more MS bashing. And then all the MS haters and NS loyalists chime in "Yea, what else can you expect from MicroShit." I really hate to sink to this level but at times I really hope that Microsoft catches Netscape again with its pants down and just crushes Mozilla into the dirt with IE6. And don't even think that it won't happen because you'll be wrong. Microsoft has been busy while Netscape has been playing the "a dollar too short a day to late" game. IE4 had been in development long before Netscape 4 came out, so after seeing how unexciting Nav 4 was what they do. They got the 1 up on Netscape ( and dont give me that "but it came out 1 year later" bs, because Netscape had a chance to come back with a new version, but only months and months later did they realize they had crap at the Nav 4 core.) So what did the do, well they scrapped it and started a new. Well thats all good and dandy but Microsoft *hasnt* stopped to smell the roses. They've been barreling along with more features and tricks and toys to draw in more developers. But thats not all... While all the little pigmes have been circling and chanting to the green Mozilla dino, Microsoft has scrapped their rendering engine too and its new one has been in development for 1.5 years now... Bah, The sad thing is that Im not a MS supporter, far from it. But yet seeing all this MS bashing and the horrible hypocritical attitude just makes me sick. How many people here get stark raving pist when places like ZDNet post BS about Mozilla, everyone. Everyone goes out and yells "What misinformation .. or Dont they know its still an alpha." But yet you take MS's alpha version of 5.5 and run it through the stress tests and then turn around and say "Well its shit... See it even failed some tests it passed before." As a web developer I want the best browser... It could come from MS, it could come from NS, it could come from Santa Claus for all I care. Right now no matter how hard you try to beat MS, they have the best browser, hands down. In the end I hope the best browser wins, but sometimes coming here makes me wish MS would grind you all under its heel.