Is M12 Alpha?

Thursday December 2nd, 1999

That's what the mozilla developers would like to know. If you're a member of mozillaZine, you can participate in a survey to help gauge our readers' feelings regarding the current pre-M12 builds. If you're not a member, it's easy to become one (and free, too). Just visit our members page and follow the instructions.

Then, visit the survey page, and answer all the questions. You will need to be a member to see the survey results, and you cannot see the results until after you have voted.

If you don't have a current pre-M12 build, you can grab the latest nightly build from our builds page.

If you have tried the builds, but haven't tried things like mail or news, please vote 10 for those questions pertaining to email or newsgroup usage.

#79 I was using a 1202 build.

by leafdigital

Monday December 6th, 1999 10:46 AM

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Unfortunately I tried to reproduce the problem "clean" in the current nightly build (after installing fresh & deleting profile and mozregistry), but that's completely broken and crashes before I get anywhere near it, so. :)

Hopefully it was a problem with my system - I may have forgotten to delete profile/mozregistry last time, for instance. I'll watch out for it when I download another mozilla build.