Eric Raymond on Mozilla

Monday November 29th, 1999

Brian King writes:

"Just want to let you know that I was at a talk last night in Trinity College, Dublin with Eric Raymond, whom we know and love as a champion of open source.

It was billed as: 'Freedom, Power and Software: What the Internet teaches us about ethics and politics'

Anyway, at one point someone from the audience brought up Mozilla and its 'failure' to try to disprove one of his points. But Eric was having none if it, proclaiming Mozilla to be 'a success', despite the delays. I won't say anymore in case I misquote him! But that was the bottom line.

It was a great talk; certainly gets you thinking."

#8 alpha

by Anon

Thursday December 2nd, 1999 1:36 PM

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There are still some, mostly performance and visual issues which significantly hurt Mozilla. When you drag the splitter, it moves under content. When a page loads or you resize something, things may freeze up for seconds at a time. The visuals are full of small things that look bad. The "return" icon on the default "OK" button which looks totally out of place. The "notebook tabs" that lets's you flip between tabs in screens with several panels (the tabs look like normal buttons -> like a cheap hack). 20 different types of trees with different margins and different performance. 20 different types of table-widgets which are all equally slow (try resizing the columns). Scrollbars that don't reflect the size of the actual content (probably not the scrollbar's fault). REALLY bad mail-news performance. Bad layout performance compared to IE5.01..

Mozilla shows a lot of promise, but there are also lots of things that haven't improved much lately.

Sure, it's not a final product, but how much can it be optimized? Mail-news for instance, needs to become 10x as fast as it's now. This is true for the UI as well.

Meanwhile, we await the 100% standards complient IE6..