Eric Raymond on Mozilla

Monday November 29th, 1999

Brian King writes:

"Just want to let you know that I was at a talk last night in Trinity College, Dublin with Eric Raymond, whom we know and love as a champion of open source.

It was billed as: 'Freedom, Power and Software: What the Internet teaches us about ethics and politics'

Anyway, at one point someone from the audience brought up Mozilla and its 'failure' to try to disprove one of his points. But Eric was having none if it, proclaiming Mozilla to be 'a success', despite the delays. I won't say anymore in case I misquote him! But that was the bottom line.

It was a great talk; certainly gets you thinking."

#1 Re-evaluating MS's "vaporware"

by Anon

Monday November 29th, 1999 5:10 PM

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You know, we've seen how mozilla has had delays, and how even with the delays, it's been deemed a "success"; I have to wonder if the same types of things are happening up in Redmond, if Windows 2k required a radical re-write of the software as did mozilla, if new tools had to be developed to create it, and so on.

Of course, they are two entirely different products: one being a cross-platform browser and another being a written -to -the -metal operating system.

But it makes me wonder if MS actually hoped to get W2k out by 4q99 and then failed, as opposed to just promising 4q99 all the while knowing it would take much, much longer.