RedHat to Invest in Mozilla

Monday November 29th, 1999

Gerbil writes, "Our 'beloved' ZDnet has another Mozilla-related article, and it's actually positive this time! It states that Red Hat plans on investing money and resources in Mozilla. After all, Red Hat does use a version of Bugzilla for their bug tracking. Very interesting."

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Chris Blizzard of RedHat, whose contributions to the Mozilla project have been invaluable.

#4 Where is IBM and everyone else?

by Anon

Monday November 29th, 1999 3:32 PM

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That's great. But I'm wondering why there aren't more commercial vendors supporting Mozilla/Netscape development. I'm thinking specifically of IBM since they are investing so heavily in Java and Netscape is the only major browser developer committed to supporting Java. When you consider how many people they have working on Java related technologies (and how deep their pockets are) would it hurt for them to dedicate a dozen programmers to help speed up Mozilla browser development?

And just about every other company that has a stake in the success of a non-Microsoft operating system or cross platform technology should be similarly motivated. Many small companies probably can't afford to do that, but many others could (and should).