RedHat to Invest in Mozilla

Monday November 29th, 1999

Gerbil writes, "Our 'beloved' ZDnet has another Mozilla-related article, and it's actually positive this time! It states that Red Hat plans on investing money and resources in Mozilla. After all, Red Hat does use a version of Bugzilla for their bug tracking. Very interesting."

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Chris Blizzard of RedHat, whose contributions to the Mozilla project have been invaluable.

#20 Not all are bugs.

by FrodoB

Wednesday December 1st, 1999 8:18 AM

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A goodly number of the open "bugs" are requests for enhancements. And among those that are bugs, some can't be fixed until additional backend is in place. A lot of the bugs are dependent on other bugs that are dependent on other bugs. It's like a house of cards; take away the foundation and the rest fall.

In any case, keep in mind that this is still pre-alpha. Lots of release projects have hundreds of open bugs that are legitimate bugs. That a pre-alpha project has bugs is to be expected.