RedHat to Invest in Mozilla

Monday November 29th, 1999

Gerbil writes, "Our 'beloved' ZDnet has another Mozilla-related article, and it's actually positive this time! It states that Red Hat plans on investing money and resources in Mozilla. After all, Red Hat does use a version of Bugzilla for their bug tracking. Very interesting."

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Chris Blizzard of RedHat, whose contributions to the Mozilla project have been invaluable.

#17 Where is IBM and everyone else?

by hto

Wednesday December 1st, 1999 1:05 AM

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Rather than throwing money at, many corporations are helping by paying their employers to work with the Mozilla code and submit patches etc. to

Take for instance Citec, Sun, Intel , Nokia and what have you (I forget, there are so many... all those companies that are using the layout engine for example have probably contributed something and they have paid their developers to do so).