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Thursday November 25th, 1999

The folks at have written up what they think the criteria for Mozilla becoming 'Alpha' is. Click the full article link below to find out what they think, and post talkback so people know what you think.

#73 Speed!

by Anon

Saturday November 27th, 1999 5:53 PM

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No, I'm not talking about the rendering speed. I'm talking about the gawd awful graphics performance in Linux/X. I can only take about 2 minutes of Mozilla browsing before I (reluctantly) switch back to Navigator 4.7. It's also a shame that a block in one window completely freezes all other windows (I guess multi-threading is out of the question?). Is this a known issue? Can it be contributed to using gtk+? The win32 Mozilla build is probably FASTER under wine than the native gtk+ based build!!!? Sorry for the rant, but it's the only thing I can do since time doesn't permit me to contribute code.