Full Article Attached What is a Mozilla Alpha?

Thursday November 25th, 1999

The folks at have written up what they think the criteria for Mozilla becoming 'Alpha' is. Click the full article link below to find out what they think, and post talkback so people know what you think.

#53 What users really wants

by Ben_Goodger

Friday November 26th, 1999 3:30 PM

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Please don't use terms as general as "users" when describing the things that you do. I think you mean "a few militant slashdot posters."

the mozilla developers are split into groups. there are people working on the browser, on the layout, on the editor, networking, messenger etc. It is not like the areas you want are being neglected. And trust me, people DO want the extra features*. Leaving them to the last minute to implement would be baaad news.

(* I for one use Messenger, having used other buggy and slow, mail programs.)