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Thursday November 25th, 1999

The folks at have written up what they think the criteria for Mozilla becoming 'Alpha' is. Click the full article link below to find out what they think, and post talkback so people know what you think.

#34 Alpha criteria

by Anon

Friday November 26th, 1999 8:49 AM

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1 hour isn't long enough. Sure, *we* might know that that's the criterial, but how many people will download the software and be dissapointed when it crashes after 1:30hrs? I think between 2-4hrs is better, seeing as the full product will be expected never to crash.

Architecturally I cannot comment since I don't know the code :-)

As to features I suggest at least 90% is hooked up and assumed to be working, ready for the bugs to be reported.

Quality-wise, people will think a lot more about getting the final build if the alpha is good... If the menus don't re-draw properly and are slow, or the widgets don't handle the cursor right then it's probably not yet alpha.

I'd hold back as much as possible. At *least* until the entire team begins twiddling their thumbs over lack of work. What we *do not* want is quality in the final version lacking because part of the team is so overwhelmed that they lose concentration and make mistakes.