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Thursday November 25th, 1999

The folks at have written up what they think the criteria for Mozilla becoming 'Alpha' is. Click the full article link below to find out what they think, and post talkback so people know what you think.

#101 alpha is dev build only.

by Anon

Monday November 29th, 1999 7:52 AM

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IMNSHO An alpha version is a development version, it's not for use outside the development team, it is implicitally a debug build, and as far as I'm concerned an end user would never see it.

Once the software is good enough for an end user to see, probably when it's passed it's intergration testing, it becomes a beta. It stays a beta until it's passed it's acceptace testing, and goes live.

While OS software would in most cases not have an acceptance testing phase in the traditional sense, it can have it in terms of the objectives.