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Thursday November 25th, 1999

The folks at have written up what they think the criteria for Mozilla becoming 'Alpha' is. Click the full article link below to find out what they think, and post talkback so people know what you think.

#10 Alpha Performance

by Anon

Thursday November 25th, 1999 4:55 PM

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I dont know about other people, but one of the things that is bugging me right now isnt code size, or lack of features. Neither the MBFT (i can live with an hour for now!) but mostly the performance issues. On my p3 500 w/ 256 megs of ram linux box, it can take ages for some windows to open, or for some pages to reload. I dont know if this is the multiple reflow problem (im on a fast cable link) or other issues, but it would stop me from using the browser, even as a alpha product, for day to day usage and testing. It just seems to slow and unresponsive