Preparing Your Site for Navigator 5.0

Wednesday November 24th, 1999

Shelley Powers of has written an informative article on preparing your DHTML website for compatibility with Navigator 5.0 and the DOM standard. This one is definitely worth the read if you're interested in working to the DOM spec, but would like to keep a measure of backwards compatibility with older browsers.

#28 Preparing Your Site for Navigator 5.0

by Anon

Saturday November 27th, 1999 10:54 PM

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This is not in any way meant to start a discussion or argument about the State of Israel, but back in the days before it's creation, Ben Gurion had a phrase "Facts on the Ground" meaning that what ever the UN (the standards setters) declared it would be the "facts of the ground" that win the day. Over the years the charge has been raised that Israel violated International law, but that was meaningless if no one was going to enforce international law. Same goes for www standards. There are 100 million internet users in the United States alone now, and I'll venture to bet that the vast majority of them have never heard of W3C, but they very well might notice if their browser does or doesn't look right. I'll bet W3C standards are meaningless to the vast majotity of AOL users and they make up a very sizable population of internat users. The point is one can rant all they want about how there is only one set of legitimate standards, if those standards can not be enforced and most people don't care, how meaningful are those standards?