Preparing Your Site for Navigator 5.0

Wednesday November 24th, 1999

Shelley Powers of has written an informative article on preparing your DHTML website for compatibility with Navigator 5.0 and the DOM standard. This one is definitely worth the read if you're interested in working to the DOM spec, but would like to keep a measure of backwards compatibility with older browsers.

#26 No switch to Netscape?

by Luddite

Friday November 26th, 1999 5:47 PM

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" I mean who would ever CHOOSE to bundle a competitors problem instead of their own?"

It happens in business. Believe it or not, the best product does not always win. In fact, if it is innovative it is almost guaranteed to lose to the next product that has superior marketing.

In any event, the trial started long before AOL bought Netscape. It is in AOL's best interests to keep IE as the basis of AOL's browser. They have too much to gain by the marketing deal with MS. AOL didn't buy Netscape for the browser or software, they bought it for Netcenter. I don't think AOL gives a rat's behind about Netscape's browser.

If you want an example of a company using a competitor's products over their own, look at Motorola and their move to NT despite the fact they manufacture the chips made in Macs.

Business cares about the best short term gain, not on the best product or long term possibilities.