Preparing Your Site for Navigator 5.0

Wednesday November 24th, 1999

Shelley Powers of has written an informative article on preparing your DHTML website for compatibility with Navigator 5.0 and the DOM standard. This one is definitely worth the read if you're interested in working to the DOM spec, but would like to keep a measure of backwards compatibility with older browsers.

#17 ok, then The Web is doomed !

by RvR <>

Thursday November 25th, 1999 2:38 AM

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if this is all IE has achieved, namely turn an innovative project (The Web) into a bunch of conservative people who say ''I won't change anything on my site if i'm not asked by MicroSoft(tm)'', then WE ARE ALL doomed. And the web is dead.

I remember a few years ago, when we were all eager for new and better features in browsers and so on. Now that things can go better (browsers becoming compliant with open standards), it's insane to see that people who call themselves "webmasters" don't want to enhance their site anymore...

i may seem too pessimistic here, but i'm confident that things will evolve. i'm just fed up of this current trend among so-called webmasters.

sorry for the controversy.

-- Hervé