Preparing Your Site for Navigator 5.0

Wednesday November 24th, 1999

Shelley Powers of has written an informative article on preparing your DHTML website for compatibility with Navigator 5.0 and the DOM standard. This one is definitely worth the read if you're interested in working to the DOM spec, but would like to keep a measure of backwards compatibility with older browsers.

#15 Netscape 5: Doomed!

by Anon

Wednesday November 24th, 1999 9:52 PM

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I'm a fervent Netscape supporter. I only use Netscape to browse the internet. With this said, the idea of Mozilla's new standard being forced to the WWW is ludicrous. IE rules the web. As a web designer, I can't imagine Microsoft or vast number of web creators making alterations to their sites just to please the few folks that'll be using NS 5.

I've come across soooo many sites that don't even work with Netscape 4.X, how do you guys expect these 'IE' folks to make changes to their sites just to accomodate the 'better' browser? Currently, IE parses any type of HTML. IE can parse a page without closing body and HTML tags. IE can parse a page without information in Div tags. IE parses HTML in a very mysterious way. Really bad HTML coding is no problem for IE. IE is creating a whole new generation of web designers who preview their work only in IE and don't realize their sites don't work at all in Netscape 4.X. I've had hours of discussions about this and it always ends up with the IE guy saying "Well, who cares if it's good or bad HTML, if it works in IE, that's good enough for me." For a lot of web designers, they currently think that Netscape 4.X is already too strict!

With Netscape 5 being even more strict than NS 4.X, Mozilla only dooms itself to oblivion with these high standards.