Communicator and IE Marketshare

Monday September 28th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with a link to an article about IE and Communicator marketshare. George writes, "What I found very surprising was that without IE being bundled with AOL, IE would only have 27.5% marketshare."

#5 Re:Communicator and IE Marketshare

by Greg Miller <>

Wednesday September 30th, 1998 12:47 AM

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AOL gets some attractive marketing from MS in exchange for that. As I recall, it's got a good spot on their ISP list shipped with Windows or something (dunno, I never pay attention to that stuff). Without that deal, Netscape would still be the #1 browser. BTW: There was an article very recently on where Steve Case from AOL explained why AOL went with MSIE. Doesn't look like there's anything Netscape can do, short of paying AOL large sums of cash, and Netscape won't do that since they've already given up on the browser market.