Phase 2 of Design Pattern Contest Starts

Monday November 22nd, 1999

The first phase of the Design Patterns in Mozilla Contest has ended, and the second phase is underway with a deadline of December 5. The patterns submitted in Phase 1 can be found on our contest submission page. You can criticize the entries and use them to guide you in finding other patterns. Be sure to read the rules here.

So far there has been only one contestant so it should be really easy to win some prizes! Finding patterns can be as easy as searching for them by their name with LXR. The Design Patterns book should be available in most libraries, if you do not own it yourself or cannot get it from a friend.

Also, the contest is now accepting entries that contain patterns not only found in the Design Patterns book, but also those documented on the Web. This should make your hunt a bit easier. Be sure to include a link to the pattern definition in your submission.

#9 Phase 2 of Design Pattern Contest Starts

by valeski

Monday November 29th, 1999 9:38 AM

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I think of a design pattern as being any solution to a problem that is reused to the point that it becomes a pattern (I suppose this could mean that if it's reused *once*, it's a pattern). Some elementary design patterns would be event loops, searching/sorting algorithms, GUI interaction techniques.