BeZilla Making Progress

Saturday November 20th, 1999

Tekhir writes, "BeZilla is catching up. It's been a while since the last Mozilla build/milestone came out for Be, but the team is catching up. Duncan Wilcox has posted a screenshot showing the new BeZilla look."

#1 Great!

by ERICmurphy

Monday November 22nd, 1999 8:08 AM

I was very relieved to hear this news, as I was beginning to worry that this port would fall behind, and stay there.

Don't scare me like that again! ;-)

-- Eric

#2 Great!

by asa

Monday November 22nd, 1999 9:08 AM

This is great to hear. Keep up the good work. Check out the news item from the 17th on front page. If I'm counting correctly mozilla M11 is available on at least 10 platforms.

#3 can't count M11 only available on 9 platforms n/t

by asa

Monday November 22nd, 1999 9:17 AM


#4 Nine Platforms and counting...

by Waldo

Monday November 22nd, 1999 11:34 AM

Only 9?!



#5 I thought I heard 11

by asa

Monday November 22nd, 1999 1:29 PM

I thought I heard leaf say that there were currently 11 but I can't find that list. I'll ask him how many and post my findings here.

#6 Small Note

by Tekhir

Monday November 22nd, 1999 8:27 PM

I copied most of the BeNews blurb about this update.

#7 internet appliances

by arielb

Tuesday November 23rd, 1999 3:49 AM

This port is very important if we want mozilla in those internet appliances. Same is true with the QNX port done by nexware. I wonder about the other rtos's such as windriver and OS9.