Will ActiveX Ever Be Supported?

Monday September 28th, 1998

John Sheets writes in with a question about a topic that hasn't come up lately. John writes, "I was wondering if Mozilla will eventually include native support for ActiveX on the Windows side. Right now, as I understand it, you have to buy a plugin (from NCompass Labs) and specially convert the HTML files to be Communicator-aware. Kind of a pain."

Anyone know of any plans to accomodate ActiveX controls in the Windows port of Mozilla?

#6 Re:Will ActiveX Ever Be Supported?

by ok__computer <>

Tuesday September 29th, 1998 1:15 PM

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hoping for mozilla to adopt activeX is like hoping for a butler to work in a trailer park. sure, intranets would use it, but that's only if you have some M$ manical manger / sys admin. the way i see it, activeX only exsists so windows users don't whine that they can't make thier terminal do the same neat things linux users do every day.. i can hear the m$ suggestion box, overflown for the past couple of years:

"wah! i can't use screensavers as my desktop wallpaper!"