Will ActiveX Ever Be Supported?

Monday September 28th, 1998

John Sheets writes in with a question about a topic that hasn't come up lately. John writes, "I was wondering if Mozilla will eventually include native support for ActiveX on the Windows side. Right now, as I understand it, you have to buy a plugin (from NCompass Labs) and specially convert the HTML files to be Communicator-aware. Kind of a pain."

Anyone know of any plans to accomodate ActiveX controls in the Windows port of Mozilla?

#11 Re:Will ActiveX Ever Be Supported?

by Brian Stanke <>

Thursday October 1st, 1998 12:40 AM

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While I hardly agree on current Java speed problems (ever try to use Netscape 4's Java on a Mac?) The news of the Mozilla Open JVM intergration to escape Netscape's molass JVMs, may improve Java "enough" I don't have the expertise to test it with the latest JIts myself but it may work, and long before ActiveX arrives for Mozilla (very doubtful). ActiveX support would just break so many of Mozillas design principles I doubt it would be more than a plug-in. Would servlets/ASP/Mod_Perl be options?