M11 for Sun Solaris 2.7 SPARC Available

Wednesday November 17th, 1999

While not an official release, Roland Mainz has cobbled together an M11 build for Solaris 2.7 SPARC. Thanks, Roland!

#1 M11 for *OS

by megaloB <>

Wednesday November 17th, 1999 9:46 PM

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I think there should be yet another mozilla contest. something along the lines of "whomever ports the most mozillas shalt win something good." The last BeOS port was M8, and mozilla has improved in many leaps and bounds by this time. And there's probably people who would kill or die to use a current build/release of mozilla on BeOS. There's a plethora of others that could find themselves using mozilla, besides the 9x/Mac/*nix crowd. These three OS'es do constitute for a majority of the market share, but that doesn't mean other OS'es shouldn't enjoy the fruits of mozilla's labor.

I don't know if this would be an easy task or not (since it's not being done crazily now I'm guessing it's muy dificil), but it is food for thought.