M11 is out!

Tuesday November 16th, 1999

M11 binaries are now available on the ftp server in Win32, Linux, and Mac flavors, with more to come.

Things new in this release:

  • New name (mozilla, not apprunner)
  • The new chrome
  • rginda's Chatzilla IRC client enabled (see the Chatzilla page for info on how to test it out)
  • Incremental reflow - still a work in progress, but pages now display as the content comes in and no longer wait for closing tags
Check out the release notes for more.

#96 still has CSS2 problems.

by Anon

Friday November 19th, 1999 8:40 PM

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i'm using some CSS2 fixed positioning in style tags in pages which also reference external style sheets, and the lizard has never displayed these right. i mean *bad* errors, like a stray toolbar ghost image plonked down in the web text itself for no reason, and utterly refusing to scroll the webpage in response to the scrollbar. M11 at least isn't quite as bad as earlier versions, which would hash the entire window into white noise garbage. still seems a bit slow, still eats a lot of memory, and little things like this text box just don't work right. making progress though.