M11 is out!

Tuesday November 16th, 1999

M11 binaries are now available on the ftp server in Win32, Linux, and Mac flavors, with more to come.

Things new in this release:

  • New name (mozilla, not apprunner)
  • The new chrome
  • rginda's Chatzilla IRC client enabled (see the Chatzilla page for info on how to test it out)
  • Incremental reflow - still a work in progress, but pages now display as the content comes in and no longer wait for closing tags
Check out the release notes for more.

#87 M11 is out!

by Waldo

Thursday November 18th, 1999 10:14 PM

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Mike S-- are you using any weird extensions like web-filters or anything? I know there's a bug (I found it :) ) with WebFree, the ad filter... that causes pages to be rendered all fscked up...

I'd eliminate all non OS extensions and cps and try that... And make sure you have enough memory free... And be sure to clean out ALL preferences (Mozilla Registry in teh prefs folder + The documents folder in your main directory)... And be patient the first time... It takes about 30 seconds to run..

I dunno if that'll help.. You may wanna check bugzilla for descriptions of your problem and if it's not there, you might wanna file it.

Good luck, W