Mozilla Shines in Latest Standards Evaluation

Tuesday November 16th, 1999

In David Baron's latest evaluation of browser CSS conformance, Mozilla is in the lead, by a wide margin. When you see the scores at the bottom of the CSS results table, in which Mozilla gets a 38 out of 104, realize that this is because CSS2 conformance is evaluated as well (CSS2 is not promised for the first release of Mozilla). In comparison, Opera 3.60 gets a 2.5, and IE5 garners a -8.5.

UPDATE: The XML information that I was given does not in fact apply to the parser used in Mozilla. Mozilla uses expat by James Clark, and the XML parser reviewed at was XP, a Java-based XML parser also by James Clark. Sorry for any confusion. My feeling is that expat is probably a better XML parser than XP, since it's been around longer, but we won't know until we see concrete results.

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by Anon

Tuesday November 16th, 1999 5:56 PM

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IE5 is a very refined and polished IE4... on the surface they look similar... but that's where the similarity ends. There's not a whole lot more that M$ could do with IE as a client browser beyond incorporating betters standards support... and they certainly don't need to spend $100 million to do that. And in reality, there never will be a 100% standards compliant browser... that's just an ideaology to strive for.