Mozilla Shines in Latest Standards Evaluation

Tuesday November 16th, 1999

In David Baron's latest evaluation of browser CSS conformance, Mozilla is in the lead, by a wide margin. When you see the scores at the bottom of the CSS results table, in which Mozilla gets a 38 out of 104, realize that this is because CSS2 conformance is evaluated as well (CSS2 is not promised for the first release of Mozilla). In comparison, Opera 3.60 gets a 2.5, and IE5 garners a -8.5.

UPDATE: The XML information that I was given does not in fact apply to the parser used in Mozilla. Mozilla uses expat by James Clark, and the XML parser reviewed at was XP, a Java-based XML parser also by James Clark. Sorry for any confusion. My feeling is that expat is probably a better XML parser than XP, since it's been around longer, but we won't know until we see concrete results.

#17 IE4 was the last version

by Kovu <>

Tuesday November 16th, 1999 5:34 PM

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You know IE5 is just IE4 with some extra stuff to it. It's not any great leap. M$ does not have incentive to spend $100 million a year anymore on IE since it has served its purpose. Anyway, the version of IE4 that they call IE6 will, I'm sure, add some more proprietary tweaks and still not support standards because in the end, M$ is concentrating on other things, rather than a product they will A) never receive a profit from and B) has already accomplished its intended goal. We're just not going to see innovation from that front, particularly not for a Web browser. They just don't care, as long as it's integrated into Windows.