Looking for that Interview with Chris Hofmann that Slashdot Mentioned?

Friday November 12th, 1999

Slashdot had a piece online this morning about Mozilla, with a link to an interview with Chris Hofmann of the Mozilla team. However,the server was soon Slashdotted, and no one could get on to the site. We have permission to mirror the Evolt page with Chris's comments, so if you are interested in reading an update on the state of Mozilla, click here. Thanks to Daniel Cody of for allowing us to post the article.

#23 Looking for that Interview with Chris Hofmann that

by Waldo

Tuesday November 16th, 1999 4:23 AM

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Not to complicate this too much, but let's also remember the modular nature of Mozilla-- it's possible that different components will be updated seperately-- no reason to d/l the whole thing when all you need is one part, right? So you might be running browser 1.0, e-mail client 1.1, MozIRC 1.0b2 all implementing the Gecko 1.2 engine.

Man, this is gonna be confusing...