Looking for that Interview with Chris Hofmann that Slashdot Mentioned?

Friday November 12th, 1999

Slashdot had a piece online this morning about Mozilla, with a link to an interview with Chris Hofmann of the Mozilla team. However,the server was soon Slashdotted, and no one could get on to the site. We have permission to mirror the Evolt page with Chris's comments, so if you are interested in reading an update on the state of Mozilla, click here. Thanks to Daniel Cody of for allowing us to post the article.

#22 Appealing idea but not worth it. -Sailor V

by Anon

Tuesday November 16th, 1999 1:15 AM

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Software houses use nicknames during development to prevent competitors from stealing product names, as well as leak the idea that it's a different product in cases of upgrades, I think (I'll plead ignorance)... (Witness MS's Chicago [95], Daytona [NT3.5], Cairo [NT4], and Memphis [98].)

Back to the bigger prospect, giving each major version upgrade a different name is likely to confuse people longer than years will, because people expect something with a new name to be brand new, not just an upgrade. The current Project Mozilla effort is new and different enough from the original in-house Project Mozilla to warrant a new name (Mozilla vice Navigator), but future upgrades -- even major version upgrades -- won't be. Imagine how much more confusing Windows versions would be if MS used its develoment names for each new version of Windows: Is Nashville a Memphis or Cairo upgrade? And what about Neptune?

Think about this idea: numbers for major versions and letters for minor versions. Hence, Mozilla 1A for the final release, Mozilla 1B and 1C for the first two updates/minor version upgrades, and Mozilla 2A and 3A for the first two *major* version upgrades. Unless, of course, the Project anticipates more than 25 bug fix releases and minor version upgrades between major upgrades.

True, you should make each version name memorable, but you should also keep the naming system simple to remember and upgrade names easy to anticipate.

-Sailor V