Mozilla Tidbits

Thursday November 11th, 1999

A new book, "Netscape Mozilla Soure Code Guide" by William Stanek, is available now at In the author's words, the book contains "hundreds of useful 'from the source' listings that demonstrate key programming concepts." If you pick it up, we'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

Also, some of you may have seen the new Netcenter designs. They don't show up all the time, so you may need to reload Netcenter a number of times to see them. They also bear a striking resemblance to the current Mozilla skin. Each new design has a link to a survey where you can give Netscape your opinions on the design.

Thanks to the many readers who submitted these news items...

#14 Not testing in Mozilla!

by thelem

Friday November 12th, 1999 3:59 PM

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I just had a look at the C page in Netscape 4.6 (I had always used Mozilla before) and it looked fine. Seemes it either wasn't tested in Mozilla or they thought it was a bug in Mozilla.

Does anybody know how I can contact the developers? Lemming