Jesse Berst Says that Communicator Won't Support XML!!!

Wednesday November 10th, 1999

Joel Caris writes in with the latest Berst burst of wisdom. Jesse Berst's new article at ZDNet's AnchorDesk is filled with such pearls as, "It now expects to ship beta of the 5.0 version of its browser suite next month... [a]nd without support for key Web technologies such as XML that IT managers and Web developers can get from IE."

Damn. And I was under the impression that the entire Mozilla application required XML to power its user-interface, and that it's XML support throughout the application was unparalleled. Silly me.

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#38 ie has one major flaw

by Anon

Wednesday November 10th, 1999 2:56 PM

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IE has one major flaw: it doesn't run on anything else but windows. It doesn't run on UNIX, it does run on apple but with degraded functionality and stability, it doesn't run on Palm top computers (excluding wince though I'm not sure). Mozilla runs on all of these and more.

On top of that, the traditional desktop market is relatively shrinking with palm computers and settopboxes popping up all over the place. IE can't compete in this area. While it may stay the prefered desktop browser for x86 pc's running windows, web developers are excluding people if they choose to develop for IE only. So, my guess is that they won't. This will force MS to become more compliant with the standards, something they've been able to postpone due to lack of competition.

My guess is that it will take a while for mozilla to catch on. Probably the first months after its release will be bug fixing and optimizing. Once that first phase is over it will slowly start gaining market share. Also development will speed up due to increased interest from the public. This means that it is unlikely that mozilla will fall behind in development like communicator 4 did.

One word of caution. Mozilla won't compete with ie 5 but with ie 6. MS has had almost a year to work on version 6 so my guess is that ie 6 will have an improved rendering engine that it will be fairly compliant with the standards and will be backwards compliant at the same time. Just like you shouldn't compare ns 4 with ie 5 when you claim the browser war is over, you shouldn't compare ie 5 with mozilla.