Jesse Berst Says that Communicator Won't Support XML!!!

Wednesday November 10th, 1999

Joel Caris writes in with the latest Berst burst of wisdom. Jesse Berst's new article at ZDNet's AnchorDesk is filled with such pearls as, "It now expects to ship beta of the 5.0 version of its browser suite next month... [a]nd without support for key Web technologies such as XML that IT managers and Web developers can get from IE."

Damn. And I was under the impression that the entire Mozilla application required XML to power its user-interface, and that it's XML support throughout the application was unparalleled. Silly me.

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#12 Consider the Source

by dneighbors <>

Wednesday November 10th, 1999 6:56 AM

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Obviously articles like this frustrate us to no end. As they state facts that are untrue and easy to prove false. They show utter lack of any kind by the author to actually research what they are reporting on.

Unfortunately anyone with an opinion can post it to the net and have millions read it. People will take it as Gospel. Luckily more and more of these site provide slashdot style comments so readers can refute.

However, view the source here. Mr. Berst has some pretty heavy ties to Microsoft and their agenda. I mean ZDNet has Microsoft stuff plastered all over their site.

This is why the DOJ had to step in. M$ is so big at this point they have the ability to affect millions of people w/o actually doing anything with software. Their FUD department is so widespread that they could probably stop developing software for 1-2 years and still be profitable.

We must as a community remain calm and not "react" to this FUD. We should definitely reply back to such journalists, and post on the discussion forums following these articles.

However, we need to do it gently and not bash M$ at every chance. We need show what Mozilla can do not what we dont like about M$.

I stop ranting and simply end with. In my eyes the browser war has just begun! :)