Jesse Berst Says that Communicator Won't Support XML!!!

Wednesday November 10th, 1999

Joel Caris writes in with the latest Berst burst of wisdom. Jesse Berst's new article at ZDNet's AnchorDesk is filled with such pearls as, "It now expects to ship beta of the 5.0 version of its browser suite next month... [a]nd without support for key Web technologies such as XML that IT managers and Web developers can get from IE."

Damn. And I was under the impression that the entire Mozilla application required XML to power its user-interface, and that it's XML support throughout the application was unparalleled. Silly me.

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by Anon

Friday November 12th, 1999 11:27 PM

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One of the most disturbing aspects of internet "publishing" is that nothing is ever final. This is fine in most cases, but some people, journalists among them, have to respect boundaries between drafts and final copies. Imagine "signing" an electronic contract, only to find key parts added or omitted without your consent later on. The implications aren't so drastic with a news story, but it's deceitful to change it without annotating the changes made. Example: i once read an ambiguous review of an album which ended with a very low score. A few weeks later, the same album was listed by the same on-line magazine as "essential." The review, because it was so ambiguous, was left untouched as far as i could tell, but the final score was simply omitted, as though it had never existed, as though every other review on the website wasn't accompanied by a numerical score. It just seemed contemptuous their regular readers.