Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

Friday September 25th, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with a link to an interesting deal in the making. Joel writes, "This is about a deal between Intel, Netscape, and Red Hat to be announced Tuesday. I thought it might be of interest to MozillaZine readers, as Linux paved the way for open source. And anything that helps it challenge Windows is good news."

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Also, stay tuned for the Week in Review! It may go up tomorrow if I pass out from exhaustion.

#3 Re:Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

by Aaron Sherman <>

Sunday October 4th, 1998 8:34 PM

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Clearly "Sonik" (a cosole game player?) has not been paying attention to the news. "George" was not refering to the Netscape/Intel support in RedHat's distribution, but Netscape and Intel (the companies) buying into RedHat Software. And, yes I too feel that some worry should be aimed at a single distribution becoming the focus of so much Linux attention. The best case result is that RedHat becomes a sort of Enterprise Linux, which uses the best of what comes out of all of the other distributions, but I'm not so sure. IMHO, the last thing we need is a "One True Linux" distribution.