Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

Friday September 25th, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with a link to an interesting deal in the making. Joel writes, "This is about a deal between Intel, Netscape, and Red Hat to be announced Tuesday. I thought it might be of interest to MozillaZine readers, as Linux paved the way for open source. And anything that helps it challenge Windows is good news."

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#1 Re:Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

by George

Friday September 25th, 1998 11:14 PM

This is great news. Although i wish Intel and Netscape supported more version of linux then just RedHat's??

#2 Re:George

by "Sonik"

Saturday October 3rd, 1998 4:13 PM

George, I can tell you that you are a bonified idiot when it comes to linux. The distrubition name of linux has hardly anything to do with any of the type of programs it supports, although RedHat does have its own series of programs for its own Linux distro., but Netscape Navigator/Communicator, and other products that are avaible for Linux can be used for any distribution, such as SuSE, Slackware, and others. I am running Communicator on Slackware Linux at this very moment. I think you should learn a little more about things before you speak about them.

#3 Re:Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

by Aaron Sherman

Sunday October 4th, 1998 8:34 PM

Clearly "Sonik" (a cosole game player?) has not been paying attention to the news. "George" was not refering to the Netscape/Intel support in RedHat's distribution, but Netscape and Intel (the companies) buying into RedHat Software. And, yes I too feel that some worry should be aimed at a single distribution becoming the focus of so much Linux attention. The best case result is that RedHat becomes a sort of Enterprise Linux, which uses the best of what comes out of all of the other distributions, but I'm not so sure. IMHO, the last thing we need is a "One True Linux" distribution.

#4 Re:Intel + Netscape + RedHat?

by TheFinn

Tuesday October 6th, 1998 12:56 AM

The "One True Linux" concept has very good points and potentially dangerous points. If the application world is to port everything over, we need a consistant programmer interface. RedHat has rpm, which will go a long way in the eyes of an installer. however, we may see (albeit on a different scale) the schism that happened with Emacs/Xemacs. Bad blood and incompatible pieces.

Can't we just all get along? *)