Full Article Attached MZ Reader James Russell On MS and Mozilla

Saturday November 6th, 1999

Reader James Russell has contributed a great opinion piece evaluating Judge Jackson's findings of fact and the effect that Microsoft's activities have had on Netscape and the creation of the Mozilla project. Click "Full Article" below to read more.

#9 can't stop evolution

by beg <>

Sunday November 7th, 1999 9:35 PM

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It's funny, Microsoft tried so hard to stop Java or Netscape from being major competition, but Microsoft created it's own monster, which is much scary -- open source.

It's funny how it would have taken a little operating system named 'Linux' and about a few million programs around the world to take MS out. Isn't that just hilarious? No company could replace Microsoft. That just shows, they are a monopoly. It shouldn't take a free, open-source operating system with millions of programers around the world to stop Microsoft.