Full Article Attached MZ Reader James Russell On MS and Mozilla

Saturday November 6th, 1999

Reader James Russell has contributed a great opinion piece evaluating Judge Jackson's findings of fact and the effect that Microsoft's activities have had on Netscape and the creation of the Mozilla project. Click "Full Article" below to read more.

#5 My own rants, hehe

by gerbilpower <>

Sunday November 7th, 1999 7:29 PM

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Remember back when Paramount put Microsoft in charge of the Official Star Trek web site? Well back then the only way to access the official site was if you were an MSN member and had IE. But then they dropped the MSN requirement so that opened the opportunity for me.

Thinking "that site better be damn good to make me go through the trouble to download IE" I tried it. That site was nothing but one gimmics high tech requiring me to download a mess of plugins just to get pass the front page. Sure for a modest and technical Trekker as myself the site was resourceful, but just way over bloated. Plus the crash rate of my computer increased expotentially when I installed IE.

After a couple days IE was off my computer. But then MS integrated it into Windoze and I got into web design and I need to do cross-compatibility checks so IE is on my computer now but as the least used program on my computer. Hell I've used notepad more often!

I just can't wait for a very Mozilla-future 8)