Full Article Attached MZ Reader James Russell On MS and Mozilla

Saturday November 6th, 1999

Reader James Russell has contributed a great opinion piece evaluating Judge Jackson's findings of fact and the effect that Microsoft's activities have had on Netscape and the creation of the Mozilla project. Click "Full Article" below to read more.

#15 NS Monopoly - good point

by Kovu <>

Sunday November 7th, 1999 10:50 PM

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I had thought this myself. Before IE came on the scene, NS was arguably ALREADY a monopoly, with like 8 percent of the browser market. Judge Jackson even noted this, saying that IE had caused NS to have incentive to improve their product, etc. But M$ definitely took the IE cause much too far, proving once and for all that it was willing to hose even its own major customers to do so, and if you look at it this way, M$s crusade against NS was the final, massive reason for the gov't to take M$ to task and prove that not only was it a monopoly (which in itself is not illegal) but that it was willing to utilize all of its monopoly power to retain its monopoly (which IS illegal). From this perspective, were it not for NS, the gov't would never have been able to prove what it has against M$. I'm dying to see what the stock market holds in store for M$ tomorrow. ;)