New Optimized Builds Out!

Thursday September 24th, 1998

More optimized builds courtesy of Mike Wynholds. These builds are dated September 24th, and Solaris 2.51 is back in the list of platforms supported. Find the link to his site in our "fetchBuilds" section. Expect links to these builds to appear on MozBin sometime soon.

Now just counting the days until nightly NGLayout builds...

UPDATE Sorry about the warning you may have seen here! After a fresh reboot, Mozilla loaded fine.

#1 Re:New Optimized Builds Out!

by Joe Drew <>

Friday September 25th, 1998 12:32 AM

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This is the first build (win32) I've used which doesn't give either debug assertation failures or GPFs caught by Norton Crashguard when the chrome (toolbars) load. Now, there are still a lot of problems with Chrome; the bookmarks and history, for example, have gotten a new sort of layout, and they aren't working, still. However, I can see stability looking up. As for the errors others got; I donno. Ran perfectly for me. First time I've seen Mozilla (recent builds, anyways; the first ones from the 1998-3-31 tarballs worked ok) come up completely without problems.