MS Finding Of Fact Out!

Friday November 5th, 1999

District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's finding of fact in the antitrust case arrived today at 6:30pm EST.

Talk about it now at #mozillazine at (you can use our Java IRC client from our chat page). If you want, give us your email address (in the chat - not in our forum) and we'll send the PDF of the finding to you (we're not going to post it to the website). Thanks to Marko Karppinen and Rahul Dave for the PDF.

#4 Microsoft is getting spanked!!

by dneighbors <>

Friday November 5th, 1999 8:11 PM

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Its about time. This judge has his game on! Although the appeal process is going to drag out forever, this does hurt Microsoft. Let the class action suits begin!!!! If Win2000 delays more and is unstable as usual this could be great news for Linux and Mozilla both!!!

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