Dave Whitinger on Mozilla's Importance

Friday November 5th, 1999

Dave Whitinger has a new article at LinuxToday titled "The Battle That Could Lose Us The War", regarding Mozilla's importance to Linux. What makes it interesting is that he makes a commitment to get involved in the Mozilla project.

Thanks to Jun Fonte for the news.

#3 Mozilla's importance to Linux...

by Anon

Friday November 5th, 1999 2:02 PM

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The way I see it, Moz is not just important to Linux. It is very important to all OS that IE can't run on. Other open source browsers I've seen are OS specific, only Moz is X-platform. And if it is not available on your platform, the source is available.

As for his comments on plugins, I don't see how Moz can solve it. Japhar (an open source JVM) on the other hand has that potential.