Dave Whitinger on Mozilla's Importance

Friday November 5th, 1999

Dave Whitinger has a new article at LinuxToday titled "The Battle That Could Lose Us The War", regarding Mozilla's importance to Linux. What makes it interesting is that he makes a commitment to get involved in the Mozilla project.

Thanks to Jun Fonte for the news.

#16 Dave Whitinger on Mozilla's Importance

by Tanyel <>

Monday November 8th, 1999 10:34 PM

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Well I used to only use Netscape except when I was testing webpages on both web browsers. I tried hard to stay loyal to Netscape but lately it just seems very difficult. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems to me that the biggest difference between version 4.61 and version 4.7 is the Shop@Netscape button, and making me download for hours, just for this, is an insult. It's strangely similar to the pathetic AOL 5 upgrade which adds nothing major. I feel torn because I want Netscape to win the browser war but I think they are doing a terrible job. For goodness sake, somebody please give me a reason to keep having faith. I'd try to help if I understood how the programming was organized. Well now that I've got out, I feel a little better. Bye now.