Dave Whitinger on Mozilla's Importance

Friday November 5th, 1999

Dave Whitinger has a new article at LinuxToday titled "The Battle That Could Lose Us The War", regarding Mozilla's importance to Linux. What makes it interesting is that he makes a commitment to get involved in the Mozilla project.

Thanks to Jun Fonte for the news.

#14 Don't Stop There

by Anon

Monday November 8th, 1999 9:50 AM

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To get information on the *proportion* of users who couldn't view a site, a range of browsers would have to support the option, and reports would have to be sent when the site displayed succesfully too. Of course, webmasters can often get this information if they want it enough by good analysis of the web logs to follow user paths through the site.

Your second idea - having the browser auto-report in the background would work well though. Issue a "GET /browser-error-report?error=xxx", and webmasters could grep them out of their logs. They would also have an incentive for fixing them: decreased loading and bandwidth per user.