Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Mozilla

Monday November 1st, 1999

Mike Cusumano, writer of the Computerworld article that was much derided in our forum has taken a fresh look at Mozilla, and in his latest article at Computerworld has come to a different conclusion. I would like to thank him for having the fortitude to revisit Mozilla, and for posting his apology in his column.

#43 Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Moz

by Anon

Wednesday November 3rd, 1999 7:51 PM

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Yep, these things have happened to me as well and the problem seems to be Java related. I thought it was just my machine but now I see it is not.

Netscape causes an error upon exiting and the message says the program will be shut down but pressing O.K. will just generate a new error message and this continues in an endless loop requiring a reboot.

The problem with Netscape remaining in memory is (I believe) Java related also. Someone really needs to go in and fix these bugs ASAP.