Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Mozilla

Monday November 1st, 1999

Mike Cusumano, writer of the Computerworld article that was much derided in our forum has taken a fresh look at Mozilla, and in his latest article at Computerworld has come to a different conclusion. I would like to thank him for having the fortitude to revisit Mozilla, and for posting his apology in his column.

#42 Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Moz

by Anon

Wednesday November 3rd, 1999 3:21 PM

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While I'm at it, another little tip for any of the Win98 users out there:

Personally, I don't care for the 'web view' nonsense... for some people that are into graphics it's handy for previewing many images... but for me it's just an annoyance and makes opening folders sluggish. Even when I turn the 'feature' off it will come back again... typically after installing a new program that pops open a new program group.

The solution? Delete *all* of the *.htt files in the c:\windows\web folder. The result? Your folders will open up *fast* just like with the Win95 shell. Keep in mind that, although you'll still be able to customize any given folder, web view will no longer function. So you may want to back up the the *.htt files just to be safe. Personally, I don't.