Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Mozilla

Monday November 1st, 1999

Mike Cusumano, writer of the Computerworld article that was much derided in our forum has taken a fresh look at Mozilla, and in his latest article at Computerworld has come to a different conclusion. I would like to thank him for having the fortitude to revisit Mozilla, and for posting his apology in his column.

#23 This place is a joke.

by Anon

Tuesday November 2nd, 1999 8:41 AM

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I am not fanatical, and I should point out that I use IE on a daily basis. However, that said, I am one for competition, even if it means rooting for the underdog. Microsoft has proven time and time again that it has no intention of allowing competition to survive if it has its way.

MS-DOS, which was what Windows started on, was a company that was originally bought out by Microsoft. This company continues this tradition to this day, and if we were to allow them to force a 25meg browser onto all Windows users (given that most estimates place Windows usage at roughly 90% of desktops WORLDWIDE), it hardly makes sense for anyone else to waste yet more space with another browser, unless they were interested in keeping Microsoft even vaguely honest. To continue to progress of technology.

We wouldn't be seeing the competition there is in the #D graphics accelerator market if it weren't for the fierce competition. We wouldn't be seeing the massive price cuts in CPUs if it weren't for AMD and others. We wouldn't see Microsoft rushing its latest products if it didn't think that Linux (or some other operating system) were not threatening its userbase. Windows wouldn't have been even developed if it weren't for the graphical interface being invented beforehand.

I eagerly await Mozilla, because it transcends dependence upon technologies that are only open to those that use one platform.

Most of the internet is NOT based on Windows, and the Internet is NOT something invented by Microsoft. Internet Explorer is based on someone else's browser technology, and I believe I've made my point.