Computerworld's Cusumano Takes Another Look at Mozilla

Monday November 1st, 1999

Mike Cusumano, writer of the Computerworld article that was much derided in our forum has taken a fresh look at Mozilla, and in his latest article at Computerworld has come to a different conclusion. I would like to thank him for having the fortitude to revisit Mozilla, and for posting his apology in his column.

#20 Microsoft is the joke!

by Anon

Tuesday November 2nd, 1999 5:34 AM

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Microsoft... the company that will do everything in it's power to get a 100% monopoly of the Internet, and then turn around and milk that monopoly (and your pocket) for every dollar it's worth.

Microsoft... the company that gave us DOS (instead of UNIX), Windows 3.1 (instead of Macintosh OS), ActiveX (instead of Java), the Microsoft Network (MSN) instead of the Internet.

Microsoft... the company that has hardly contributed anything to the world of quality software. The company that has never invented anything significant by itself, and has always needed to buy out other software companies to get decent products.

Microsoft: "Inferior software by design".