LinuxWorld's Joe Barr on Milestone 10

Wednesday October 27th, 1999

Joe Barr has a generally positive review of Milestone 10 over at Linuxworld.

Thanks to Joerg Beierle and "Anony Muss" for the news.

#8 Should we really slam the press or ourselves!!

by dneighbors <>

Friday October 29th, 1999 10:24 AM

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I think this article was pretty much uninformative junk. I do think AOL/Netscape driving the project is of relevance. Just not 2/3 of the article relevant.

However, we only have ourselves to blame. How many of us are writing INFORMED articles on Mozilla and putting out there. How many mozilla sites are there promoting mozilla other than mozillazine? is a developers site. No journalist is going to read through documentation to find out what its all about, and until a nightly build a few days ago a lot of the functionality was so buggy they couldn't have understood it if they tried to use it.

I think the biggest mis information is about XUL, RDF and XPCOM. Mozilla is NOT your fathers browser!!

It is a whole new animal. One that others will trying to catch up with.

Also the whole timeline thing is a joke. A fairly simple upgrade of netscape turned into a complete re-write with RDF / XUL and XPCOM. So of course the timeline is going to change. Has windows 2000 stayed on target??? Didn't think so.

I will quit the rambling, and simply say if we spent less time complaining about how a skin looks and slamming ignorant journalists adn spent more time advocating Mozilla the world would be a better place. : )

Mozilla is a Good Thing (tm).